Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs releases a Framework for the International Governance of AI

Promoting the benefits of innovative technologies requires addressing potential societal disruptions and ensuring public safety and security. The rapid deployment of generative artificial intelligence (AI) applications underscores the urgency of establishing robust governance mechanisms for effective ethical and legal oversight. This concept note proposes the immediate creation of a global AI observatory supported by cooperative consultative mechanisms to identify and disseminate best practices, standards, and tools for the comprehensive international governance of AI systems.


This initiative directs attention to practical ways to put in place a governance framework that builds on existing resources and can have an immediate effect. Such a framework would enable the constructive use of AI and related technologies while helping to prevent immature uses or misuses that cause societal disruption or pose threats to public safety and international stability.

From Principles to Practice

Numerous codes of conduct or lists of principles for the responsible use of AI already exist. Those issued by UNESCO and the OECD/G20 are the two most widely endorsed. In recent years, various institutions have been working to turn these principles into practice through domain-specific standards. A few States and regions have made proposals and even enacted constraints upon specific uses of AI. For example, the European Commission released a comprehensive legal framework (EU AI Act) aiming to ensure safe, transparent, traceable, non-discriminatory, and environmentally sound AI systems overseen by humans. The Beijing Artificial Intelligence principles were followed with new regulations placed upon corporations and applications by the Cyberspace Administration of China. Various initiatives at the federal and state level in the United States further emphasize the need for a legislative framework. The UN Secretary-General also recently proposed a High-Level Panel to consider IAEA-like oversight of AI.
Proposed Framework