Interim guidance on generative AI for Australian Government agencies

In embracing emerging technology, the government is delivering high quality services to Australians that maximise the benefits offered by new technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has naturally become a key area of interest for the government to enable transformation of service delivery to Australians.

Generative AI is technology that generates content such as text, images, audio and code in response to user prompts.

“Due to the rapid evolution of technology, there is a growing demand for guidance when government staff members assess potential risks involved in its use,” said DTA Chief Executive Officer, Chris Fechner.

“The Digital Transformation Agency, working with the Department of Industry, Science and Resources has developed interim guidance on government use of generative AI platforms for staff within Commonwealth government agencies. The guidance was developed through broad consultation with Commonwealth agencies and builds on existing agency and inter-jurisdictional guidance.”

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources has released a discussion paper as part of public consultation on the safe and responsible use of AI. The supporting responsible AI discussion paper focuses on governance mechanisms to ensure AI is developed and used safely and responsible in Australia. Once consultation closes, feedback will be used to inform appropriate regulatory and policy and responses. These will build on the government’s multimillion dollar investment in responsible AI through the 2023-24 Budget.

The purpose of this interim guidance on generative AI is intended purely to guide staff within APS agencies. At this stage, it does not replace the generative AI policies developed by individual agencies, rather it is intended to supplement these policies while further work is done to develop a whole of government position.

The interim guidance is available on the Australian Government Architecture website.