Dutch government presents vision on generative AI

The Dutch government has called upon the Social and Economic Council (SER) to map out the impact of AI on labour productivity and the quantity and quality of work. The government also intends to organise campaigns to explain to people how best to protect their data against the training of generative AI models. Furthermore, investigation is underway into the establishment of a secure and usable public national AI test facility; later this year, AINEd InnovatieLabs will be launching public-private partnerships; the use of responsible generative AI applications in specific government services is due to be started and a National AI validation team will be established to assess available AI applications for example for non-discrimination. Finally, the Dutch government will continue to seek legislative advice on the legal framework, from various watchdogs.

The development last November of the open language model GTP-NL marked the start of activities aimed at promoting the development of (open) Dutch and European large language models, in line with public values. Against this background, GPT-NL will receive funding to the tune of 13.5 million euros from the first funding round for Facilities for Applied Research (Faciliteiten Telecast Onderzoek - FTO) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. In addition, the National Growth Fund will be providing €204.5 million to the AINEd programme, for knowledge, innovation and the application of Dutch AI (systems).