The Israel Privacy Protection Authority releases guidance for data transfers to European Economic Area

Israel's Privacy Protection Authority issued instructions for lawful data transfers from the European Economic Area for 2023-2025.

The instructions contain four main requirements, including the obligations to delete personal information, to limit the retention of unnecessary information and to be accurate.

As an independent authority specializing in data protection, PPA's main mission is to outline the Israeli data protection policy, and to build trust in the digital economy. PPA focuses on strengthening data protection and empowering individuals by promoting individual's control on personal identifiable data, and by promoting processes of privacy by design across the economy. PPA's aim is to reduce the risks for data, taking into consideration the frequent advancements in the digital environment.

As a civil rights gatekeeper in the field of data protection, PPA is dedicated to ensure compliance with the Privacy Acts' provisions on data protection in every Israeli company, business, NGO and public body that manage personal data.

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