Hebrew University Joins AI Alliance in a Global Initiative for Open Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

The Hebrew University proudly announces its participation in the launch of the AI Alliance, a pioneering collaboration between global industry, academic, research, and government organizations. Set to take place on Tuesday, December 5, this initiative aims to revolutionize the landscape of AI innovation.

The formation of the AI Alliance is spearheaded by IBM and Meta, joined by a consortium of leading organizations spanning industry, startups, academia, research, and government. This coalition is dedicated to supporting open innovation and open science in AI, recognizing the transformative potential of AI advancements and committing to fostering transparent innovation.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, AI promises to enhance various aspects of our lives. The AI Alliance intends to harness these advancements responsibly, prioritizing safety, diversity, economic opportunities, and societal benefits. Collaboration and information sharing are paramount to catalyze innovation, mitigate risks, and ensure that AI products align with global needs.

President Asher Cohen of Hebrew University remarked, “Joining the AI Alliance marks a pivotal moment for Hebrew University, where collaboration meets innovation. We're thrilled to be part of this coalition driving the future of AI, fostering open technologies, nurturing talent, and championing ethical, trusted AI practices. Together, we'll forge pathways for global education, build robust frameworks, and advocate for policies that nurture a vibrant, open AI ecosystem. This alliance is a beacon illuminating our commitment to shaping a responsible, inclusive future powered by the boundless possibilities of artificial intelligence.”

The AI Alliance is dedicated to several pivotal goals, including creating benchmarks, evaluation standards, and tools essential for responsible AI deployment. By uniting a diverse coalition of supporters, the Alliance aims to drive forward responsible AI development while prioritizing safety, ethics, and governance in its deployment. Emphasizing the maximization of AI benefits across science, business, and society, the Alliance promotes open innovation that serves the greater good, underscoring responsibility and inclusivity.

Its overarching mission is to cultivate an open community that empowers developers and researchers to accelerate responsible AI innovation, ensuring robust scientific rigor and trustworthiness in the field. The Alliance plans to undertake various projects, including deploying tools for responsible AI development, establishing evaluation standards, supporting open foundation models, advancing AI hardware accelerators, global AI skills building, educational initiatives, and events showcasing responsible AI use cases.

Open innovation in AI democratizes access to groundbreaking advancements, harnesses global innovative talent, ensures accountability, fosters transparency, and enables robust testing and validation. Hebrew University is committed to contributing to this transformative initiative, promoting open innovation that benefits both technology providers and consumers.